Storage Types

Workshops & More

We have a limited amount of garage size units (and larger) that have power. Ideal for a workshop. Need space to work on your hobby or that old car that just needs some TLC? and have no space to do it at home or apartment? Look no further. You can now rent our units to use as a workspace.

Moving Trucks Onsite

truck rental

We make it convenient to transport your items to and from Peoples Storage. Rent U-Haul vehicles from Peoples Storage for any of your hauling needs. We also have a wide range of packing and moving supplies here at our facility!

College Storage

At Peoples Storage we know that education is essential, but sometimes moving into a dorm or new apartment can be a bit of a tight fit. Let us help. We offer discounts for college students, new and old. Simply show us a valid student ID and we can offer you discounts on our college storage to help turn what could be a stressful and costly option into something easy and convenient. You’ve already got enough to worry about, so let us lend you a helping hand.

Military Storage

The bravery and dedication required to defend our country is something Peoples Storage has held sacred as a business from the very beginning. We are proud to offer discounts to all military personnel, both active and retired. Please inform us if you’re from a military background to receive discounts on your rental, a small show of our sincere appreciation for your bravery.

Band Practice

An innovative new use for our convenient storage units! Contact us now about renting out a unit to use for band practice, all the convenience of having your own garage, none of the noise complaints. You do not need to be professional to apply, we’re happy to support local, independent artists, just honing their craft, or in need of space for a jam session.

Vehicle Storage

One of the big reasons for renting a storage unit is that your existing garage space is too full already, often a part of the space taken up in your garage is an underused vehicle. Even something like a motorcycle, compact though it may be, gets put away one year and might just sit there with a dust cloth over it. Possibly a greater concern, vehicles like boats and RVs, too large to fit in a normal garage, end up parked in your driveway, which can be an eyesore. Covered outdoor parking spaces for large, weatherproof vehicles can be easy but we also offer indoor spaces in our larger units for cars, SUVs, motorcycles, ATVs, PWCs, and other more weather-sensitive vehicles. Contact us today and find out what space works best for you.